Det finns många modeller eller arbetsredskap som en coach kan använda sig av. Mike Munro Turner har en bra beskrivning av 14 olika metoder. klart intressant.

Nu är det så att en coach kan använda sig av flera metoder samtidigt. Jag själv är förtjust i den metod som är lösningsorienterad, Solutions Focus eller Lösningsorienterad Fokus. Den gräver inte ner sig i problemen utan försöker snabbt komma till lösningar. Läs vad Mike skriver om skillnaden:

Many of our approaches to change are problem-focussed – in that we attempt to move forward by exploring the problem: we try to understand what the problem is, what has caused it, and what we need to do to get rid of it. This works well in many situations, particularly those involving machines and other man-made artefacts. For example, we may notice that our car seems rather sluggish which prompts us to inspect the wheels. We discover that one of the tyres is flat and so replace it – problem solved! But when we are working with people, diagnosing the problem often gives us little indication of the solution and indeed may even make the situation worse! Fortunately there is another way – we can focus on solutions instead. At heart this solution-focused approach involves:

  • finding out what works and doing more of it
  • stopping doing what doesn’t work and doing
  • something else.

It doesn’t mean that we refuse to discuss the problem but it does mean that we use any problem discussion to discover what the person wants to do, to learn about their commitment and passion, and to unearth evidence of skills and resources they are already using.

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