Tom Peters har varit i Göteborg och Stockholm.

Fortune called Tom Peters the ”Ur-guru” of management. Tom & Bob Waterman wrote In Search of Excellence 25 years ago, they introduced the world of business to the idea and value of Excellence per se as an inspiring and profitable aspiration.

Här kan ni ladda ner hela hans föredrag från Stockholmsbesöket (212 bilder). Det täcker många aspekter av framtidens affärsverkamhet.
Mycket handlar om människor. Det är de som skapar. Jobba bara med de bästa. Stgrategi är att göra något.Om kvinnor säger han:

Women make [all] the financial decisions.
Women control [all] the wealth.
Women [substantially] outlive men.
Women start most of the new businesses.
Women’s work force participation rates have
soared worldwide.
Women are closing in on ”same pay for same
Women are penetrating senior ranks rapidly
[even if the pace is slow for the corner
office per se].
Women’s leadership strengths are exceptionally well
aligned with new organizational effectiveness &
value-added imperatives.
Women are better salespersons than men.
Women buy [almost] everything-commercial
as well as consumer goods.

So what exactly . . . is the point of men

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