Vad ska man satsa på och vad ska man ta det lite lugnare med när det gäller marknadsföring under 2010?

Svår fråga. John Arnold gör ett försök att besvara frågan i Entrepreneur genom att beskriva trenderna och ge råd hur vi bör agera.

Trend #1: Search Engine Optimization
Råd: Testa
Sites with relevant content and credible links will continue to rule the search rankings in the coming year, but 2010 has the potential to reveal a few new standards.

Trend #2: Paid Search
Råd: Investera
Paid search hasn’t seen a revolutionary trend since the idea of the long tail was applied to keyword bidding. That’s OK, because consumers will still use search engines in 2010 as a primary means of finding products and services to fulfill their needs, and they will still be clicking on relevant ads.

Det är också min erfarenhet att betalda annonser ger resultat. Eftersom man kan styra kostnaden tar man inga onödiga risker.

Trend #3: E-mail Marketing
Råd: Investa
It isn’t hard to justify an investment in e-mail marketing when the cost of sending e-mails is so low.

Trend #4: Social Network Marketing
Råd: Testa
Social media has one redeeming quality for marketers–lots and lots of eyeballs. That’s attractive if you’re a major brand, but profitable interaction will continue to be the exception for small businesses in 2010 rather than the rule.

Inom vissa områden har det varit positivt, speciellt inom ungdomsgrupper.

Trend #5: Blogging
Råd: Låt det vila
If you’re writing a blog to help with search engine rankings or to inform existing customers, you should continue to test or invest. If you’re blogging in an attempt to attract new prospects and convert them to customers, however, 2010 will be a year that exposes the blogosphere’s vulnerability to the law of averages.

Satsa istället på innehåll på din hemsida.

Trend #6: Web Presence
Råd: Investa
If you want people to see the content on your website, it might make sense to advertise the location of your website content by placing ads on other high-traffic websites. Driving visitor traffic to your website isn’t the way to go for 2010, however. Instead, you need to spend 2010 driving your website content to the visitor traffic.

Trend #7: Mobile Marketing
Råd: Testa
In case you haven’t heard, mobile marketing is all about marketing to people through their mobile phones and smart-phone devices. Small businesses haven’t had much of an opportunity to engage consumers on mobile devices, but 2010 has the potential to change that.

Trend #8: Podcasting and Online Radio
Råd: Låt det vila
If you’re looking to attract an audience by broadcasting or advertising on broadcast media, go with online video in 2010 and wait for radio to finish reinventing itself.

Trend #9: Online Video
Råd: Investa
If a picture paints a thousand words, how many words does a 30-second online video paint?
Video presents a great opportunity for small-business marketing, but don’t think of video as a replacement for text.

Trend #10: Coupons, Discounts and Savings
Råd: Testa
OK, this one isn’t entirely an internet marketing trend, but it’s important enough to mention because of the economy.
Internet marketing trends develop quickly, so expect many new and exciting trends to emerge in 2010

Råden är skrivna för amerikansk marknad, men jag tycker de stämmer mycket bra även för oss i Sverige. Läs hela artikeln!

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