Vi har väl alla ljugit någon gång. Världen är nog full av lögnare. En del är värre än andra. Att bli förd bakom ljuset är inte roligt och i värsta fall kan det vara ödesdigert att bli lurad. Några är så duktiga lögnare att de försörjer sig på att lura andra.

Att med några enkla tricks avslöja en lögnare skulle vara mumma. Paul´s Tips beskriver tre sätt som man kan avslöja en lögnare på.

Försök komma underfund med vad som motiverar personen

One method of figuring out a person’s motivation is to look at the position they’re in: a criminal is probably motivated by escaping punishment, an investment banker is probably motivated by a lust for money, a serial womanizer is obviously motivated by sex, and a doting mother is motivated by love for her children.

There’s another useful method you can add on top of this for discovering what incentives a person is pursuing – look at their behavior.

Om någon vägrar att precicera sin uttalanden ljuger han med all säkerhet.

There was a technical audit coming up, which meant a lot of very hard and boring work. It was important that we pass this audit, and the CEO gave us a pep-talk about it. He acknowledged we would have to work hard, but assured us we would be rewarded if we passed. In fact, he said this sentence about five times – ”You will be rewarded”.
Afterwards, someone asked him what specific rewards he had in mind. ”Look, you know I can’t go into that now, but be assured, it will be something good,” he replied

As soon as he said that, I knew he was lying.

De flesta lögnare brukar överreagera

If you say to someone, ”You’re in love with Jenny, aren’t you?”, which of the replies below is coming from the liar?
Reply 1: ”No, don’t be silly.”
Reply 2: ”No way am I in love with her! I’m just not interested in being with anyone at the moment. I’ve got to concentrate on my studies this year and it wouldn’t be fair to burden someone with that. I can’t believe you’d think such a thing!”
If you guessed reply 2, then you are, of course right.

Ni hittar hela texten här

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  1. Det går att träna upp sin förmåga att uppfatta mikrouttryck.
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  3. De flesta lögnare brukar överreagera

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