Dave Pollard skriver om att lyssna,

Listening is a skill, like talking or walking. We learn it by practice; we lose that skill by not practicing it. Its mastery is necessary to competent conversation, even to empathy: If we cannot really hear others, how can we understand them, and if we cannot understand them, how can we care about them?

Med referens till Pohangina Pete säger han också,

Whisper to an animal, instead of talking (or shouting!) and watch its surprised and attentive response. Listen attentively, carefully, without interjecting or thinking about how to respond, in a conversation with another human talking about something they care about, and you will get that same astonished, rapt response. It even works on the telephone — people can hear you listening.

Det påminner mig om när jag var scoutledare. För att få uppmärksamhet bland alla barnen var det bättre att prata med låg röst.

Nå hur lär man sig nu att bli en bättre lyssnare? Dave ger oss 10 råd,

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Get away from noise.
  3. Learn to meditate.
  4. Listen with your eyes.
  5. In meetings, say less.
  6. Practice interviewing, and facilitating others’ conversations.
  7. Record or write down what you hear.
  8. Eavesdrop on others’ conversations.
  9. Find model good listeners.
  10. Teach your children how to listen.

Jag gillar speciellt rådet att man ska lyssna på vad en person säger utan att fundera över vad man ska svara. Hur många syndar inte mot detta?

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