Ja, entreprenörskap kan och lärs ut om man med entreprenörskap menar vad personer gör när de startar och utvecklar företag.

Detta sägs av Jeff Cornwall som svar på en artikel i Fortune Small Business.
Jeff skriver,

I believe there are two critical aspects of entrepreneurship education that increase success rates. First, we teach them what deals not to go into through the process of opportunity assessment. We teach them how to ”fail on paper.” They learn how to create discipline around their instincts and drive to move ahead blindly into the pursuit of their ideas. Second, we teach them about how to manage growth effectively. Any banker will tell you that this is where most businesses fail. We teach them about the challenges that success can create as their ventures grow. As one banker likes to say, ”Too much success leads to failure.”

Om du är en entreprenör med en bra idé är det bäst att du läser hela artikeln.

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