Hinner du med att följa upp det senaste om ledarskap? Förmodligen inte. The MIT Leadership Center är en bra källa. Senast var det Deborah Ancona, en professor på MIT, som skrev en artikel om ”Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty” .

Sensemaking is about ”making sense of the world around us”. The act of Sensemaking is discovering the new terrain as you are inventing it. In the very process of mapping the new terrain, you are creating it.

Relating is about ”developing key relationships withint and across organisations” and consists of the following three primary components: Inquiry, Advocacy and Connecting.

While sensemaking creates a map of what is, visioning is a map of what could be. Visions are important because they provide the motivation for people to give up their current views and ways of working in order to change. Perhaps most importantly, visioning provides people with a sense of meaning about their work. It answers the question ”why am I doing this?” Thus good leaders are able to frame visions in a way that emphasizes their importance along some key value dimensions.

Creating is about the creation of new ways of woking together. Inventing entails creating the processes and structures needed to make the vision a reality. It involves implementing the steps needed to achieve our vision of the future.

I artikeln hittar du också flera tips på hur hon menar.

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