Vare sig du vill starta eget eller redan har en pågående verksamhet skadar det inte att få influenser från de som redan har lyckats. Drivkraft har du säkert redan men det finns många fallgropar på vägen som kan undvikas med bättre kunskaper.

Northstar Thinktank har flera videokurser i ämnet. De har nu beslutat att alla entreprenörer helt fritt kan följa kurserna. De skriver:

Now, whether you’re running a multi-million dollar organization or just thinking about starting a business for the first time, taking time to learn as much you can about business success is the secret of all great entrepreneurs. It will make the difference between becoming part of the 90% who fail or joining the 10% who succeed and truly live the entrepreneurial dream.

Under kurserna får du lyssna till:

  • You’ll hear from Dr. Joe Vitale-a best-selling author and a featured participant in the world-wide best-seller, The Secret. He’ll share detailed advice about how to attract the great results you desire. He’ll also share proven marketing tactics that any entrepreneur can implement immediately.
  • You’ll hear from Bob Doyle, another expert in the Laws of Attraction. Again, helping you to focus first on your vision and initial plan for success.
  • Publishing legend, Dan Poynter will provide a proven game-plan to help you become an expert in your field as a successful author. Any serious entrepreneur needs to understand that authorship, as a marketing and sales tool, can skyrocket your career-in any field of business!
  • World renowned motivator, Brian Tracy will contribute content that can only be found in this program; three keys to creating phenomenal personal success.
  • And Jeff Chavez, CEO of Northstar Thinktank will share deeper insight in regard to the Laws of the Business Cycle-and how you can prepare yourself for great entrepreneurial rewards by understanding the laws that govern successful companies.

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