Oftast får entreprenörer höra att det är bra att ha en partner. Kanske någon får idé och beslutet blir att satsa lika och dela 50/50.

Det är inget bra beslut säger Seth Godin. Vad händer om pengarna tar slut och den andre inte vill satsa mer? Istället skall man använda sig av flytande procenttal som är beroende av gjorda insatser.

Seth har sammanställt nio punkter som man bör tänka på när avtal skrivs;

  1. Don’t do a deal where each side gets a fixed percentage. A 50/50 split of a company invented in a bar is always a bad idea. Even paying someone 5% for some sort of contribution can come back to haunt you. Instead, build the deal around a shifting percentage based on contributions over time.
  2. Don’t assume that the money you start with is going to be enough.
  3. Think about taxes.
  4. Don’t forget the arbitration clause.
  5. Do a deal with someone you trust, but don’t do a deal with a friend. You’ll likely end up with neither a partner nor a friend in the end.
  6. Don’t forget the shotgun clause. At some point, one of you is going to want to run with the project. So build in a clause that says, ”At any time, one person can offer to buy the other out. .
  7. In case you forgot, reread #1.
  8. Worry about control. A lot.
  9. The myth of most legal documents is that the world is going to stay the way it is. Or that the world is going to change, but just the way you expect it will. It won’t, and it doesn’t.

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